A Day in SF

From Pebble Beach to Napa Valley – our West Coast trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop in San Francisco before flying back East.

I had never been so I texted a friend to ask the best way to experience the city in less than 24 hours.

GoCar San Francisco was her answer.

Driving up and down the steepest hills, to the beach, and through Golden Gate Park (which is 20% bigger than NY’s Central Park) in a souped up dune buggy was the coolest (and a very efficient) way to experience the city.

We had the option to drive the GoCar all day – and we did.

First stop was zipping to the bottom of the Golden Gate where a bunch or surfers in wet suits were riding some serious swells forming beneath the bridge. It reminded me of the surfers in Munich, Germany who surf the river during Oktoberfest every year. These guys had quite the stage and backdrop.

Next we swung by a few forts along the cliffs, whose cannons used to be mounted over the harbor entrance, before taking the GoCar down to Baker Beach for the best views of the Golden Gate. This beach has its own reputation - aside from being a part nude-beach - it is the site of a deadly Great White Shark attack in the 50s… not too far from where those surfers were riding the waves.

After exploring the Japanese gardens and Buffalo reserve in Golden Gate Park – we were back in the heart of the hilly city – weaving our way through the traffic in our open air bright yellow GoCar.

After stopping for lunch in ChinaTown for some dumplings at China Live, we had to swing by the Full House houses (a.k.a. The Painted Ladies) to take in a little 80s/90s nostalgia with Uncle Joey.  

We ended the day winding the GoCar down Lombard Street, one of the most crooked streets in the world with eight hairpin turns on a steep incline. It was awesome to do this in a dune buggy with hundreds of tourists snapping pics.

The craziest part while zipping around the cliffs and streets throughout the day was how quickly the landscape changes. It goes from city streets, to beaches, to giant redwood forests in minutes.

Definitely a day full of activity.


Special thanks to GoCar, Liza, Ben, Kenny Schauff, Allie, and Adam for having us and showing us your city.

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