We’re Committed To A More Sustainable Future.

We believe protecting our planet is essential to craving activity for generations to come.

At Rhoback, we live and promote the #CraveActivity lifestyle every day, which relies on a healthy planet. We acknowledge that carbon emissions pose a serious threat to our planet and the environments we each choose to crave activity in, and as an organization we acknowledge our impact on the planet.

Today, we’ve introduced our first performance polos (below) using recycled polyester.

Rhoback is proud to announce our pledge to be fully carbon neutral by the end of 2023. We’re joining a growing movement of over 320 companies committed to achieving the Climate Neutral Certified standard by measuring annual greenhouse gas emissions, implementing reduction plans, and offsetting brand footprint with eligible-verified credits. Our pledge includes changes to our supply chain and introducing sustainable and sustainably sourced fabrics and packaging for new products in the pipeline. As always, we will do this without compromising the quality of our products.

To learn more about Climate Neutral, please follow the link at the button below.

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