Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants

During the summer of 2014, we began an adventure…in our #pants.

It all started at a horse race in D.C. called the Gold Cup. One of our friends wore alarmingly bright orange pants. Not surprisingly, he drew a lot of attention at the race… too much in our opinion. We decided to prank our friend the next morning and “borrowed” his pants.

We traded them back and forth while partaking in every activity we could think of – from Spikeball to beer die, football to bar crawl, we showed these pants a great day. We even started an Instagram account to feature the shenanigans, called @brotherhoodofthetravelingpants.

One weekend, while waterskiing in the pants, an idea popped into our head. Why don’t we reach out to some of our favorite clothing brands and see if they’ll send us a free pair of pants in exchange for a fun story?

To our surprise, one of the largest companies wrote back and asked us to be part of their summer marketing campaign. We were thrilled!

The campaign featured our active lifestyles and the brand’s line of colorful pants.  Over that summer and with help from the campaign, we accomplished our goal of raising funds for a memorial scholarship created in a late friend’s name.

We featured Instagram pictures cliff jumping, skydiving, paddle boarding, fishing, boating, you name it. The only problem was, we were wearing khakis and button downs in every picture despite our choice of activities.

We needed active apparel that could transition seamlessly from one activity to the next.  We never found it, so we made it.  We took our favorite designs and colors, mixed in the best performance fabrics, and made a top of the line set of shirts and hats to fit our lifestyle, and hopefully yours too.  #craveactivity

Brotherhood of Traveling Pants

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