Peak Bloom in DC

The tradition of celebrating the blooming of Cherry Blossom can be traced back centuries in Japan. In 1912, the people of Tokyo gifted 3,020 Cherry Blossoms to the United States as a sign of friendship.

Everyone that lives in or near Washington, DC, knows full well that the unofficial start of Spring is marked each year by the blooming of these very same cherry trees along the Potomac River and around the DC monuments.

The Tidal Basin, situated just off the national mall, becomes the destination of thousands of visitors from around the world, as well as locals, seeking to enjoy these magnificent trees as they bloom for just a few days.

“Peak Bloom” is tracked by the National Park Service, arborists, and for weeks becomes a debated guessing game among local tv anchors.

This annual tradition became the inspiration for our latest print performance polo: The Cherry Blossom.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed designing it. And if you get the chance, pick a weekend in late March to visit DC and check out the beauty of the Tidal Basin during Peak Bloom.

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