Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! To say the least, this is a big day for us…
We named our brand after our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Bunker, and designed our logo after him too.
Our creed states: “We believe in dogs and that 'tongue-out-the-window' feeling”.
We created our motto, “Crave Activity”, because it best sums up our dog’s mentality.
We donate a portion of every sale to American Humane’s Shelter to Service program because we believe in the healing power of dogs.
We even have an Instagram account dedicated to dogs rocking our gear called @rhobackdogs.
Why did we decide dogs should be Rhoback’s main inspiration? It’s simple. There’s no better companion than a dog.
All dogs want to do is have fun, be active, wag their tail, lick you, protect you, and hang out by your side. Whether you come home after a great day or a long day, you can bet your dog will be wagging its tail, busting at the seams to see you. Unconditional love at its best.
So with that, we want to wish you (and your dogs!) a Happy National Dog Day. Let’s celebrate our best friend today.

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