We believe in June 21st...

...the longest day of the year.
Whether you are going for a run, water-skiing, or meeting up with a friend for a beer –
we hope you enjoy your June 21st – The Longest Day of the Year!

Here's how we are spending the day... #craveactivity

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  • kevin dolan

    Attention Rhoback gang!
    After viewing your site, you guys and gal seem like lots of fun to be around.
    Let me share a quick story. Nary 2 days before you “were believing in June 21”, I happened to be playing golf with an Uncle or father-in-law of one of you Founders. I was in Ireland playing Ballybunion Cashen course and have pictures of your relative i can share via text if you want validation. I was with my son who just graduated college (we are from outside Philly) and “your advocate” was with his buddy who works for Amazon (and they have houses next to each other on Martha’s Vineyard ! ) We introduced ourselves on 1st tee and off we went. I just can’t remember names at the moment, it’s killing me.
    Long story short : I love your brand and the way you guys seem to be building a following.
    If you take the next step into direct mail campaigns/marketing, I’d love to see if my firm could be of assistance for you.
    Love to see you taking the risk and making things happen. And by the way, my son and I had a really fun time with the guys during our round ! Would love to connect.
    Kevin Dolan

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