In Honor of Veterans Day

We are so thankful for our Vets today and every day

When we started Rhoback, we wanted to give back in a way that was meaningful and impactful, in a way that would help transform lives for the better and help spread our “crave activity” motto.

We found the perfect opportunity to do that with American Humane’s Pups4Patriots program.

We decided we would donate a small percentage of every product sold to help rescue shelter dogs to train them to be service dogs for veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries or Post Traumatic Stress. We strongly believe in the healing power of leashes to help our nation’s veterans who deserve so much.

We are beyond humbled to share, that because of your support, we have together been able to fund our first service dog for a veteran in need.

Meet United States Air Force Veteran, Kris Morgan

“To find out I was being awarded a Service Dog from American Humane sent me into a whole new level of hope! Been a long time since I’ve woken up in the morning and looked forward to getting out of the bed to start my day!” – Kris Morgan

One of our favorite lines from the Rhoback Creed is “We believe in supporting causes that are bigger than us.”

This line could not be more aptly suited for Kris Morgan, an Oklahoma veteran who was wounded in the Air Force while serving overseas in Saudi Arabia.

Kris’ 1997 injury left him disabled, with lifelong, serious health complications, and Post Traumatic Stress.

That, however did not stop Kris from continuing to serve from his Oklahoma garage, where he spends his days crafting amazing wooden American flags for his fellow veterans that puts real smiles on their faces.

When we heard we would be paired with Kris for Rhoback’s first fully funded service dog, we couldn’t imagine someone that was more deserving of a healing leash. He is incredibly selfless and continues to give back every day to his fellow veterans despite his own health complications and challenges.

Because of your support, Kris has been paired with Andi a female black lab, and they are already best of friends. They are in the midst of training at the Pups4Patriots program, and just this weekend Andi traveled with Kris to a veteran golf tournament.

On this day, and every day, we salute Kris and all our nation’s veterans for their selfless service to the country and to their fellow veterans.

Thank you for your service!

Q&A with Kris

Why did you decide to apply for a service dog through American Humane’s Pups4Patriots program?

I was told about the Pups 4 Patriots program through a good veteran buddy of mine. He knew I was recently divorced after 19 years marriage and knew me being home alone, was getting to me mentally. He talked me into applying. Best thing I ever did in my life. Andi has been a God send and I cannot thank American Humane’s trainer for choosing the most perfect service dog for me. She knew Andi was the perfect fit for me and she was right!

When you first met Andi, what kind of thoughts were going through your head?

I was extremely nervous when I found out the day I’d get Andi. Soon as I met her, that nervousness was instantly gone! Andi made this process so easy for me! When I was told Andi was just under a year old, I got scared that she’d be a crazy little lab pup, but she’s in fact so laid back and chill, it’s amazing!

Can you describe the bond you’ve developed with Andi? How has she already impacted your life?

The bonding I felt was instant! She knew she was going to be working for me from the get-go! She’s already picked up and warned me of a migraine incoming in the middle of the night. That was only on day 3 of having her. I was able to get 4 concert tickets to Carrie Underwood last week, and was able to take Andi as well as her trainer and [her trainer’s] husband. I enjoy going to concerts, so getting Andi out in that environment, and seeing how well she did, made my day! Andi also has kept me busy and helped changed my sleeping habits as well. She gives me the push to get out of bed every day at a decent time.

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  • Roberta McCue

    Thank you for supporting such a terrific cause!
    Congratulations on your company’s success but more importantly thank you for your incredible hearts!
    God bless you, our veterans , the service dogs and our United States!

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