Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!
As part of the Finance Team at Rhoback, we don’t often get to write blogs. We are normally more focused on creating beautiful Excel spreadsheets day in and day out. So to be asked to write a blog is a huge honor, let alone on Pi Day (3/14).
On this Pi Day, we are re-releasing our print polo-shirt called “The VLOOKUP”. It is a design our Finance Team collaborated with our Design Team on. We hope you like it – we will be tracking the numbers a little more closely on this one!
We also wanted to celebrate Pi Day by offering some of our favorite Excel formulas for those who are interested. Here is a quick hit list of our most-used formulas that anyone can learn if they are willing to put the time in. We hope they are helpful:
  1. VLOOKUP. The Classic. This formula stands for ‘vertical lookup’. Start here and eventually work your way to INDEXMATCH. Here’s a quick YouTube video which best describes how to pull this bad boy off.
  2. CONCATENATE. As a finance team, we prefer working in Excel over Word and using tables over writing paragraphs. So we find ourselves using the CONCATENATE function often. Here’s a quick YouTube vid showing how to use it properly.
  3. SUMIFS. SUMIFS allows you to sum cells that meet multiple criteria – whether it’s within a certain date or matches certain text. We’d recommend working this into your skillset…here’s a quick tutorial.
  4. PVT TABLE. Being dangerous with a pivot table could get you promoted. It’s worth putting the time in – trust us, it’s one of the main reasons we got this job at Rhoback. Although this video is a little longer, here’s a solid tutorial to give you the basics.
Thank you for even considering to sharpen your Excel skills. We hope at least one of these quick tutorials are helpful.
Enjoy Pi Day – the day that never ends. And if you get a chance, buy a pie for your finance friend to celebrate!
- Rhoback Finance Team

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