Summer Spike 2018

Spikeball is one of our go-to games at the beach.

Long rallies, epic dives, and dips in the ocean post play have made for some unforgettable (and long) summer days.
So when the #1 Spikeball Team in the world reached out to see if Rhoback would sponsor them – it was a no-brainer.

Cisek Showalter has been the #1 ranked Men’s Team for the last two years, appearing on ESPN multiple times including being featured on SportCenter’s Top 10 Plays. We were pumped to get behind them and their club, Atlas Roundnet, which also includes Ogre’s Heroes, the #1 ranked women’s Spikeball team.

We met up with our Spikeball athletes in Coney Island for Summer Spike 2018 – our first official Spikeball tournament featuring 200 teams.

And they did not disappoint…

From full on lay-outs, to body shots, and even a few through-the-legs tricks shots, it quickly became clear Cisek Showalter was making a run for the Summer Spike title.

After a few grueling hours of play, and a brief break on our end to ride the 90 year-old Brooklyn Cyclone wooden rollercoaster, Cisek Showalter took first place.

Our favorite part of the day though, was hitting the Coney Island beach after the tournament to watch the best teams in the world rally for fun– making some of the most amazing plays in the most nonchalant manner.

We are honored to have the ridge on the back of some of the best men and women Spikeball players in the world. And after watching our Atlas Roundnet crew compete at Summer Spike, we felt inspired to sign up and train for next year’s tourney…stay tuned!


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