The Azalea: From Idea to Polo

In light of the postponement of the greatest week in sports, we struggled with whether or not to release The Azalea polo – a polo inspired by the beauty of what is Augusta. We ultimately decided, the azaleas will still bloom and thus, The Azalea will too.

This polo features a flurry of pink azalea flowers, that same pink we’re so used to seeing on the 13th hole in the month of April. The green backdrop reminds us of the perfectly manicured fairways and makes us want to say, “Hello, Friends” every time we see it.

The Artist

To capture the beauty of the azalea blossoms, we knew we needed the help of an artist. We enlisted the expertise of our good friend and talented artist Taylor Near at Mulberry+Elm, best known for their stationary, wedding invitation, and logo designs.

Taylor took our idea and brought it to life through what started as a free-hand sketch and what eventually bloomed into delicate watercolor blossoms.


  • John Shields

    Well Done Rhoback / Taylor…very impressed. Love to order more…looking forward to seeing another release!!

  • Anne

    Love this shirt! Huge fan of your polos, want this for the hubby but it’s all gone, :( if you stumble into an Azalea XL- please let me know! Rhodies are the Best dogs eva!

  • Sherry Dopp

    Will you offer the Azalea again before Christmas?

  • Taylor Pfohl

    It’s beautiful I wish y’all would re release so we could buy some of these polos up

  • Torey McMillian

    Just ordered this. Looking forward to it

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