Creating The Perfect Performance Tee

It was only a matter of time until we introduced activewear tees.

When you believe as strongly as we do in the “Other Interests” section of your resume – it just makes sense!
Believe it or not, we set our sights on making the perfect performance tee and developing a unique fabric right when we started Rhoback. And after two years of meticulous development – we are excited to finally share it with all of you.
Here’s why we’re so excited to share the tee with you:
The Fabric
We knew the fabric was the most important element to get right, and as you can imagine, it took the longest time to develop. After countless nights spent developing, testing, tweaking, testing, and tweaking some more, our activewear tees are finally ready to stand next to their performance polo cousins to bring a new level of comfort and performance to activity enthusiasts everywhere. Best of all, we have embedded Silver technology into the yarn of the fabric to naturally prevent odor and reduce the number of washings necessary.
Here are a few other aspects about the fabric we are excited to share:
  • Stretches four ways, so don’t expect this tee to ever slow you down
  • Sweat-wicking and breathable
  • XT2 Silver-embedded fabric naturally fights odor
  • And our favorite… gets softer with every wash!
The Ridge
Every Rhoback product sports a unique Ridge – two small vertical stripes on the back – in homage to our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. The Ridge serves as a constant reminder to pursue the #craveactivity lifestyle, just like our Ridgeback and brand inspiration. But unlike our performance polos, we knew these tees might be sported during early morning or evening workouts. For this reason, we decided to make the Ridge on the tees reflective to stand out in the dark and encourage activities beyond daylight. This will especially help now as we roll them out at the end of daylight savings time! The best part about the Ridge is that in normal lighting you cannot tell it is reflective, maintaining our normal Ridge look, but with a dual purpose-built in when needed.
Transitional Look
Bringing a fresh look while providing cutting edge performance technology is the goal with our performance tees. We’ve done away with the overplayed raglan seams and embraced the cut of traditional tees to create a more transitional look that extends well beyond the gym. These tees were built to be worn from the course to the bar, from the gym to a night out, and everywhere in between. Versatility has been the driving force behind the design of every Rhoback product, particularly our new performance tee.

Thanks for reading up on our new tees – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! As always, keep Craving Activity.

-Team Rhoback

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  • Carol

    Where are the shirts for women?

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