The R U Kidding Me? Polo

Darryl Postelnick (@CookingWith_Darryl) has quickly become America’s favorite chef. What started as a way to spend time with his daughter has since turned into a social media sensation. Inspired by his mother, Darryl developed a passion for cooking at a young age and is now able to share his favorite recipes with people around the world.

We have been fortunate to be a part of Darryl’s team as he went from normal dad to TikTok star. Together, we wanted to create a shirt that spoke to Darryl, using icons that directly tell his story. He quickly became known for his spatula flips, steaks, salt & pepper shakers, wine, beer, and his go-to cooking surface, all of which are represented in the shirt.

We are excited to collaborate with Cooking With Darryl to introduce The R U Kidding Me? Performance Polo. Click here to check out more of his content as well.

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