The Ridgeback

Dogs bring out the best in us, always up, always ready for anything, always craving activity.  What a great way to live life. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bunker, is all that and more. 

Ridgebacks are a breed of their own.  Not only do they embody unbelievable beauty and prowess, they are always up for the next adventure.  They can join you on the water or keep up on a hike. They’re the perfect running companion; they can run for days. And when you just want to hang, they are always down to cuddle up on the couch. 

Ridgebacks don’t seem to make sense. How can they be that perfect combination of fast and strong, smart and playful? Then you hear the origins of the breed and it all makes sense. Ridgebacks were bred with one purpose in mind - to track and hunt lions. At about 100 pounds, it usually takes four Ridgebacks to keep a lion at bay.

So what does a guy do when he’s thinking about getting his first dog? His first real responsibility? Consider a Ridgeback. A dog that will challenge him and always push him to that next adventure.

And the next time you’re making a decision, ask yourself, “What would a Ridgeback do?” And the answer is fight the lion. The answer is always fight the lion.

Bunker the Ridgeback with a football


  • Gwenn

    I love that Rhoback is for Ridgeback! Mine was the doggie love of my life. They are wonderful dogs! Beautiful shirts too – love the logo!

  • John Jones

    Grew up with two Ridgebacks “BB” & “Big Shot” not a better, more loyal dog to raise alongside kids. Both fearless hunters. We grew up in a big family & were poor (but as kids thought that was normal). Our dogs had no problem foraging when times were lean. They hunted well together for small game & shared the prize. Great memories.

  • Sally Williams

    We are on our second RR. Ike will be 9 in May & is a champion who has sired a litter of 9 pups. He’s truly a baby at heart, but LOVES to hunt!
    I agree with a previous comment—Ike HATES water and is quite deft at avoiding mud puddles!
    Stay well and love your Ridgeback!

  • Kahy and Erich


    Ran into your Mom Saturday in Savannah. We have something in common….A Ridgeback! Mom gave Barrett a alittle lovin. Love the hat btw.

    Love the site…Kathy

  • kim sands

    LOVE your logos and your product looks great….will def. be buying some soon! I have 2 ridgie boys and love them dearly….your description of them sounds most familiar…..except the part about the water and I must ask you…do yours go in the water or swim?? Mine really hate the water and absolutely won’t go in…love to hear how you got them in the water, if you did!!

    Most sincerely,

    Kim Sands

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