The Victory Mask

To the Rhoback Fam,

We’d like to introduce The Victory Mask... available for pre-order to the public in packs of 5 at cost. If interested, please place your pre-order by Tuesday April, 7th.

Last week, we offered masks only for those on the front lines, but we have decided to continue shifting our production lines to create more masks for the public in light of the CDC’s expected announcement and NYC’s recommendation that everyone wear masks in public.

The name “The Victory Mask” is inspired by the Victory Gardens that Americans grew during WWI and WWII to battle food shortages. The American Flag on these masks is a nod to the strength and resilience of this country.

We’ve made the decision to forgo any profit on these masks, so we can do our small part in supplying as many as we can across the country. It’s our generation’s turn to step up, wear a mask, and slow the spread of COVID-19.

We will call on volunteers in our local community of Charlottesville, VA to help us fulfill orders from the safety of their homes if we are overwhelmed. And if any profits are made from shipping costs, etc., we will reinvest this money into the production of more masks which will be donated to healthcare workers on the front line on top of the 500 masks we are donating from the first run. We expect to ship these masks in approximately four weeks from the start of production.

Please note, these are NOT N95 grade nor FDA approved surgical masks. They can, however, be washed, reused, and worn as a protective layer in public (i.e., at grocery stores, on walks) to hopefully help prevent the spread of COVID- 19. We’ve also added an insert into these double layer masks to accommodate a filter for healthcare workers if they have access to them.

The masks are double layered, with the inner layer being natural organic cotton. This is to ensure comfort and reduce irritation while wearing. The masks also have stoppers at the end of each string to adjust for size and comfort.

Thank you all. Stay safe, and God bless the USA.

- Team Rhoback 🙌


  • Peggy T Granier

    I received my masks this week and am so impressed with the quality and fit. The ability to adjust the elastic bands allows for a tailored fit. The inner lining provides a smoother and cooler fabric plus the ability to include a filter is an added feature. I would like to order more when available.

  • Beverly Fulton

    They are so comfortable and made so well !! Thank You!!

  • Donna Armel

    I just received my order for the Victory masks and I’m loving them. Love the display of the American flag, great fit against the face, adjustable stopper for the ears to fit snugly and the wire insert for the bridge if the nose. With a fit like these masks no foggy glasses and they are washable and reusable. I added a small coffee filter cut in half in the insert. Thank you RhoBack for this and all you do and thank you FOX News Jessie Watters on “The Five” for turning me on to this company.

  • Julia A Sinclair

    I just got my mask in the mail – a 5 pack. Gonna share with my family. Nice quality and fit. Thank you for creating masks for Americans!!

  • Bob Lopez

    Received ours before schedule. Placed Apr 10th, already have it!!! extremely comfortable…
    now, where can I get the filter, or do we need to get creative and cut a surgical mask?

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