Circling Back has been a long-time favorite podcast in the office. Since starting our relationship with the Circling Back team several years ago, hosts Dillon Cheverere, Will DeFries, and Dave Ruff have continued to lean on their humor and quick wit to draw people in.

What started as a small-to-midsized podcast has proudly remained a small-to-midsize podcast. That said, the podcast's bit on Will's (arguably made-up?) Austin waterfront restaurant, Willmon’s, has only grown.

We are excited to collaborate with Circling Back to help tell the story behind Willmon’s. Our design team worked with Will to bring his restaurant to life through a custom collab performance polo. The polo features tropical notes like seafood, drinks, birds, and palm trees – all key attractions at the mythical Willmon’s restaurant that listeners have all come to know and love. We are thrilled to partner with Circling Back and introduce The Willmon’s Performance Polo.

For great entertainment and countless laughs, click here to check out the Circling Back podcast.

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