The Turtle Tracker Polo

We are so excited to release The Turtle Tracker performance polo for both men and women.  We are proud to donate 20% of all net sales of these polos to The Turtle Trackers of Hilton Head, South Carolina, in memory of my mom, Linda.
The Turtle Trackers of Hilton Head Island
The Turtle Trackers of HHI is a non-profit 501c(3) organization promoting the protection of loggerhead sea turtles in the HHI area. The organization is comprised of over 500 volunteers whose mission to assist with the preservation efforts for endangered sea turtles nesting on Hilton Head Island, and to educate the public for the protection of sea turtle hatchlings heading to the ocean. 
Loggerhead sea turtles, which are a vital part of our ocean ecosystem, utilize the beaches along the coastal Carolinas to nest. Unfortunately, these creatures are in danger of extinction.  One major threat that The Turtle Trackers try to curtail through patrol and education is human disturbances to nests, hatchlings, and the nesting environment.
The Turtle Trackers rely on donations to support their efforts patrolling beaches during nesting season (May through October), to perform beach sweep clean-ups, and to provide public education on our impact to the fragile nesting environment of the loggerhead sea turtles. To donate directly to the Turtle Trackers, please follow this link:
Remembering Linda
Among being an amazing person, wife, mother, and friend, my mom, Linda, will be forever remembered for the impact she made on Hilton Head Island through her work with The Turtle Trackers.  My mom was immensely passionate about protecting loggerhead sea turtles and their environments.  Serving as President of The Turtle Trackers of HHI for over three years, she grew the organization to over 200 members and helped establish five additional chapters in surrounding South Carolina beach communities.  Under her stewardship, local legislation was passed to further protect the sea turtles and to educate residents and visitors alike to respect and safeguard their nesting sites. Her presidential tenure was cut short by a cancer diagnosis in 2020, but her legacy through the community she so passionately supported lives on.
Thank you so much to The Turtle Trackers of HHI, especially Barbara Faraci of Turtle Trackers and Amber Kuehn of Sea Turtle Patrol HHI, and the Rhoback Team, for your help designing this polo in honor of my mom. We hope it captures the beauty of the loggerhead sea turtle and hope that the donations from this polo will make a significant impact on protecting these amazing animals.
-Kristina Loftus, Cofounder

Members of The Turtle Trackers of HHI, featuring Linda in the Rhoback bucket hat (first row)

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